January 1, 2020

How to write a decent introduction- Part 1

In task 2 of the Writing test you need to compose a 250-word essay in only 40 minutes. Indeed, time management plays a very critical role here and you need to check your timing as you are brainstorming, writing or revising the essay. Based on an appropriate timing, introduction which is the first part of your essay needs to be completed in only five minutes. This could be the easiest part as the main purpose of writing an introduction to your essay is to restate the story in your task 2 question, and this should be done in one single paragraph consisting of 30 to 50 words and only two or three sentences.

For those who are a little bit puzzled by the word “restating”, it should be noticed that we imagine the reader – or in this case the examiner – does not have access to task 2 question, so our introduction needs to provide all the information required to understand the whole topic. Also a clear position has to be given as in case of agree/disagree questions.
The first thing you need to do is to find the fact given in the statement and rephrase it by using synonyms and the expressions equivalent to the ones given in your task 2 question.

You can start restating the fact by using this structure at the beginning:
“It is true/said/clear that nowadays …”

Let’s practice this by many examples made available by COMPASS team.


To be continued



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